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Wait time reduced

The following has been received from the Football Association

from the 1st March 2020, changes to the FIFA Regulations for the Status and Transfer of Players (RSTP) came in to effect. One of those changes will be the delivery time on International Transfer Certificates (ITC) to and from another Association.

Under the previous Regulations, it stipulated that a requesting Association can issue a provisional ITC if the issuing Association does not respond within 30 days from the date of the initial request. Under the new RSTP, clubs and players now only have to wait a total of 7 days before a provisional can be issued if the issuing Association does not respond.

While this change in Regulation will be beneficial for clubs and amateur players, it will mean a shorter turnaround time for our office to issue ITC’s out to other Associations. Therefore, it would be very much appreciated for the continued support and cooperation of both Leagues and Clubs to supply any required information which the Player Status team may request from time to time. This could be information on the player’s status, the date of the player’s last game with your member club and/or the date he was de-registered from both club and/or League. This information is vital to ensuring that the player’s clearance is issued correctly and efficiently within the 7 day period.

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