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Views sought from clubs

The Football Association is conducting a remote conference call involving Step 5 and 6 Leagues on Tuesday 24 March to seek views from the Leagues as to how we should proceed once football is able to resume. Clearly it will depend largely upon when that is but at this moment there seem to be four possibilities

1 Resume when possible
Continue current season when the crisis is over and football is able to resume with the new season starting after that possibly on a curtailed basis.

2 Declare Season 2019/2020 Null & Void
Season 2019/2020 will never have taken place as far as the records are concerned and all records expunged.

3 Freeze Season and declare current positions as final
Current league table becomes the final league table.

4 Freeze Season and complete table on a points per game basis

All Premier and Division One clubs should now have this information in more detail from the League Chairman and club chairmen (ideally) are invited to indicate their preference as to how football should proceed. They need to return the form on or before 23 March although it is not compulsory to express a view at this time.

We will thus see whether or not any of the options is more favoured than the others, although clearly none of them are ideal.

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