Communication to All Member Clubs

By Chris Conlon

Guidance upon the conclusion of the season from the FA

The Combined Counties League have been struck by an unprecedented number of postponements this season which have continued into this last week.

The FA set a target date of 22nd April for both Premier Divisions to complete all matches that impacted promotion & relegation positions. Given the situation, an extension to the target date was issued by the FA. With the huge number of postponements continuing it became clear that we would not meet the new FA target date.
The matter of what to do about unplayed matches after the FA target date became an issue which is not covered by the FA Standardised League rules or the NLS Regulations. The matter was referred back to the FA for guidance.

That guidance has now been received and we are directed to apply the following.

The Season End Date is set by FA Rule B21.1.1 to the 31st May in each playing Season. As there is no provision in the Rules or Regulations for the management of unplayed fixtures at the conclusion of a Playing Season, the expectation is that a playing season will be completed.
Therefore, the remaining fixtures in each step 5 division shall be played up until Wednesday 3rd May 2023.

The league Fixtures Secretary shall now assign dates to all of the outstanding fixtures including those postponed this week. These shall be played by 3rd May and every effort shall be made by the home clubs to ensure that these take place.

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